Restorations & Maintenance

The restoration or maintenance of your car yesterday and today

As passionate about vintage cars, we put special care in restoring and rebuilding your old cars that marked the previous decades but that we dream, even today, to cross the American roads and anyway

A restoration does not only include the visible parts of the vehicle – the bodywork, the chrome parts, the wheels, the cockpit – but also the places not visible at first glance, such as the engine and its compartment, the chassis, transmission and all auxiliaries such as brakes, cooling system, electrical circuit … etc.

Repairs, whether performed on worn out or non-functional mechanical parts, also address aesthetic considerations. For example, a rim not visible -car covered by a hubcap and apparently in-state, will have its tire disassembled or even replaced, after any repairs such as the treatment of oxidation, it will be finished and finally repainted. A variant of the restoration is to adapt more modern elements, the vehicle retains original elements, but some others are replaced by newer or more efficient for the sake of easier use, or requiring less ‘interview.

Body Paint

Miami Classic Cars intervenes for all bodywork work and painting on your cars of all makes. From bumper repair, to the replacement of optics through paint connections or the application of a manufacturer’s tint to your entire car, our team of coachbuilders is at your service.

The sensitivity of the treatment of volumes calibrated by hand, the control by reading lines of light, and the adjustment of elements and games are gestures directly from crafts. We also master all sheet metal work, plastics and woodwork. Our selections of high-gloss and anti-scratch varnishes can be sublimated by a glossy polish.


Antique & vintage cars saddlery restoration

Our experience allows us to make your upholstery with the utmost care, seat structure, woodwork, ceiling, carpet etc. Managing the precision of the assemblies of the trays, the positioning and the alignment of the seams, the tension of the materials, are part of our priorities and our requirements.

In the most demanding cases, our large selection of suppliers and tanners allows us to find the materials needed to repair a high quality patinated interior in order to preserve the richness of its history and to perpetuate its durability.


Designed to meet all your expectations – Revision – Engine repair & ground connection – Electricity – Cosmetics – Reliability – we have strived to invest in the best equipment, to ensure quality work.